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Read the following statements and then determine whether they are facts, unsound opinions, sound opinions, or authoritative opinions. Select the correct answer for each statement. Are any of these correct/incorrect? If so please help.

1.)Due to Einstein's findings in the study of matter and energy, he is one of the greatest scientists to have ever lived.
=sound opinion
2.)Einstein's hair stood straight up, so he must've been a little weird.
=unsound opinion
3.)Many science publications have called Einstein's discovery brilliant.
=sound opinion
4.)The meteorologist is a liar because she said it would rain a lot and it only rained a little.
=authoritative opinion
5.)The National Weather Station reported that the storm shifting course is good for holiday travelers.
=sound opinion
6.)Today's storm changed course, so the next storm will probably change course, too.
=sound opinion

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    They look good, except for #6. Is this reliable?


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    so I will change #6 to unsound opinion because it doesn't sound reliable.

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