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What mass of chromium could be deposited by electrolysis of an aqueous solution of Cr2(SO4)3 for 180.0 minutes using a constant current of 10.0 amperes? (One faraday = 96,500 coulombs.)

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    coulombs = amperes x seconds.

    C = 10A x 180 min x (60 s/min) = ??

    It takes 96,500 coulombs to deposit 1 mol Cr/3 or 52.01/3 grams.

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    Why did you divide the molar mass by 3?

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    You would use stoichiometry. Multiply the amps by the time (convert minutes to seconds, then you end up with Coulombs. The stoichiometry should look a little like this...
    (amps x time)(1 F/96,500 coulombs)(1 mol e-/1 F)(3 mol e-/1 mol Cr)(Molar Mass of Cr/1 mol Cr) ... I got the 3 mol e- from balancing the half-cell reactions. I got my answer to come out to 19.4 grams Cr

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