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4th Grade Math

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Re: Factor Numbers

My son has to write at least two ways to break down numbers - I know he did not learn this in school but I would like to help him at home, please help me I have not done this work in over 30 years. He has to break down the numbers 56, 12, 42, 36, 24 and 60. If you can explain to me 1 problem of what they word as a break down, I would be able to do the follow and figure out the rest. Thank you!

  • 4th Grade Math -

    12... 4 and 3 go together to make 12 then 4... two and two go into four... and then 3 2 and 2 are left because nothing goes into them

    4 3
    2 2

  • 4th Grade Math -

    "to break down" a number is not a mathematical term

    If your son's textbook actually uses that terminology I would find that disturbing.

    Perhaps they mean to express the number with lowest prime prime factors
    12 = 2x2x3
    36 = 2x2x3x3

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