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how do you solve this
plz show me how you do this

1. on her last three quizzes, jane scored 84, 96, and 88. what grade must she get on her next quiz to have an average of 90 for all four quizzes?

2. a square and a equilateral triangle have the same perimeter. what is the perimeter of each shape?

sqaure P = X

equilateral triangle P = x + 2


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    1. (84 + 96 + 88 + x)/4 = 90
    Solve for x.

    2. Read the question again. They already told you the perimeters are the same.

    You cannot say what the perimeter is with the information you have provided. All you know is that they are equal.

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    how do you do # 1

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    the question for # 2 is FIND the perimeter of each shape

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    Solve the equation I wrote for you.
    The next step would be to rewrite it as
    268 + x = 4*90 = 360

    Then subtract 268 from sides.

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    how do you do number 2 the question is FIND the perimeter of each shape

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