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A woman who weighs 500N stands on an 8.0-m-long board that weighs 100N. The board is supported at each end. The support force at the right end is 3 times the support force at the left end. How far from the right end is the woman standing?

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    Let the left end support force be F1 and the right end support force = F2
    3F1 = F2 (You are told this)
    F1 + F2 = (4/3)F2 = 600 N (From vertical force balance)
    F2 = 450 N ; F1 = 150 N
    Let the woman's distance from left end = x.
    Apply a moment balance. You can apply it anywhere, but chose the left end.

    500 x +100*4 = F2*8 = 3600
    Complete the solution for x. It will be in meters

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