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Find the focus, directrix and axis of the parabola with equation x= 2y^2+3?
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    Given: X=2Y^2+3

    Vertex form:X=(y-k)^2+h, h and k are the x and y-coordinates of the vertex.
    X=2(y-0)^2+3, V(h,k)=(3,0), Directrix:
    X=h-1/4a=3-1/8=2 7/8,Y=K=0, D(2 7/8,0).
    Focal: X=h+1/4a=3+1/8=3 1/8, Y=k=0,
    F(3 1/8,0). Axis: Y=0 (A horizontal line on the X-axis).

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