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U.S. History

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The are SEVEN questions below from my U.S. History take home test... any and all help would be appreciated.

1. What were the international consequences of the stock market crash in 1929? How did world leaders respond to the global depression? with what results?

2. Why did president hoover's emphasis on voluntarism fail to resolve the problems of the great depression of the united states?

3. Describe the relief programs of the New deal. what were they designed to accomplish? What were their achievements and their limitations.

4. What were the major criticisms of the early New Deal? How accurate were those changes.

5. How did the policies of the New Deal shape the constituency and the prospects of the Democratic party in the 1930s?

6. Describe the conflict between managment and labor in the 1930s. What were the major issues and motivations? How did the two sides differ in resourses and tactics, and how and why did these factors change over time?

7. How did the role of the federal government change in the 1930s? What factors were responsible for the changes?

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    The purpose of a test is to find out what YOU know and have learned in this class.

    Jiskha tutors do not help students cheat.

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