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x^2+4x-5 over 5x-5 time 5x over/x+5
this is far as get I can not seem where else to go

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    write it this way ....

    (x^2+4x-5)/(5x-5) * 5x/(x+5)
    = (x+5)(x-1)/(5(x-1)) * 5x(x+5)
    = x , x ≠ 1,-5

  • algebra -

    How many different vacation plans are possible when choosing one each of
    12 destinations, 3 lengths of stay, 5 travel options, and 4 types of accommodations

  • algebra -

    The problem is wrote like this

    I have tried to work it. but canot get it.

  • Ashley - algebra -

    Did you not look at my solution?

  • cassie - algebra -

    Cassie, please do not post a new question as a response to somebody else's problem.
    Click on the "Post a New Question " at the top

    as to your problem ...
    what is 12x3x5x4 = ??

  • algebra -

    the problem is x^2 plus 4x-minus 5 over5x-5 time 5x over x+5 without parenthesis.

  • algebra -

    x^2 plus 4x-minus 5 over5x-5 time 5x over x+5
    has to be written with parenthesis in this format to have the proper order of operation

    That is why I retyped it as
    (x^2+4x-5)/(5x-5) * 5x/(x+5)

    (x^2+4x-5)/(5x-5) * 5x/(x+5) is equivalent to
    x^2 plus 4x-minus 5 over5x-5 time 5x over x+5

  • algebra -

    Problem: (X^2+4X-5)/(5X-5)*5X/(X+5)
    The parenthesis are neccessary for clarity. Notice that the numerator and a portion of the denominator are factored.

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