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Can you please tell me if all the alternatives I included are correct?
Thank you very much for your help!

1.Despite the fact that / In spite of the fact that it was very cold, he went out without putting his coat on yesterday.
2.As today I haven’t seen him, I wonder if/whether he is well.
3.In spite of/despite of being cold, he went out without putting his coat on.It was very cold. In spite of that ,/Despite that, Kirk went out without putting his coat on.He went out in spite of the cold/despite the cold.
4.“Can I print this article on your printer, please?” “OK, you can print it, as long as/provide(that)/providing (that) it isn’t very long. I’m running out of ink.
..You can print it on condition that it isn’t very long.

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    Yes, those alternatives will also work.

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