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classroom management

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o How do you establish and maintain a good student-teacher relationship?

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    Think about your classroom experiences.

    To which teachers did you relate with the best? Why?

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    It is very important to establish an environment of caring and mutual respect. By showing an interest and recognizing students as individuals, students will understand that you care about them. Listening, showing patience, being empathetic without being too sympathetic are all ways to show students that you try to be fair. It is also important to understand that being fair does not always mean that everyone is treated exactly the same. Recognizing the individual differences and accommodating special needs is an important part of being a teacher. Taking the time to explain the need to accommodate helps students understand why sometimes treating people differently is fair.

    The ability to laugh at yourself and demonstrate that you, too, are a learner helps students know you as a person. Understanding that we learn from our mistakes should be modeled. Value what students are interested in and appreciate their history, culture and experiences
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    You also need to teach your students the academic subject matter. That's why they are in your class -- to learn. Students sneer at teachers who are all empathy and no hard academic facts.

    Plan to accommodate various learning styles -- visual, auditory, analytical, kinesthetic.

    Scooby -- you can add more to your answer by giving examples of the various learning styles and exactly how you plan to teach to them.

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