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A turbine operating under steady flow conditions receives steam at the following state: pressure 13.8 bar, specific volume 0.143 m^3/kg, specific internal energy 2591kJ/kg and velocity 30m/s. The state of steam leaving the turbine is as follows: pressure 0.35 bar, specific volume 4.37 m^3/kg, specific internal energy 2360 kJ/kg and velocity 100m/s. Heat is rejected to the surroundings at the rate of 0.25kW and the rate of steam flow through turbine is 0.38kg/s. Calculate:

a) specific enthalpy at the inlet and outlet of steam turbine
b) power developed by turbine
c) If you were able to choose an outlet velocity to maximize the power output, while keeping the same inlet and outlet states of the steam, what would the velocity be? What is the new power developed for this chosen velocity?

I know how to work parts a and b but I don't have an idea how to find the velocity in part c. Can someone help me please?

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