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A poem's underlying message or concept _____.

1 poetic diction
2 tone
3 atmosphere
4 all of these
5 none of these

I think its the tone? Is this right?

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    I don't think a poem's underlying message or concept is its tone. That ignores the real message that the poet wants to convey to the readers.

    Please go back and study your text materials.

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    Is it the poetic diction?

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    What does "poetic diction" mean?

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    Poetic diction is used to refer to the linguistic style, the vocabulary, and the metaphors used in the writing of poetry


    So it wouldnt be that one etheir, So my choices are now between

    3 atmosphere

    5 none of these

    But how do i know if it is none of these?

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    You know if it's "none of these" if you find the part in your text that discusses the underlying message or concept.

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