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The Sarasota Police department collected data on the number of car accidents ( X ) that occur each day on a certain stretch of route 41. From this data, they derived the probability distribution shown in the table below.
X P(X)
0 0.80
1 0.15
2 0.05
What is the expected mean (average) number of accidents that occur each day


    To find the mean:
    SUM [x * P(x)]

    Multiply each x by its respective probability P(x). Add together for a total. This will be your mean.

    To find variance:
    SUM [x^2 * P(x)] - mean^2

    Square each x. Multiply each squared x by its respective probability P(x). Add together for a total. Square the mean. Subtract the squared mean from the total. This will be your variance.

    To find standard deviation:
    Take the square root of the variance.

    Hopefully, this information will help you with problems of this type.


    answer is 0.33


    1 to 6264. find the probability of selecting a number that is not divisible by 1000

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