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Can you check if the following sentences are grammatically correct? Thank you very much for your invaluable help.

1.Septimus is not understood by his wife.
2.Clarissa and Septimus have both a weak personality OR …. both have
3.In the third kind of interior monologue the character’s thoughts flow freely both in time and space without the control of the narrator. (Can you say “without any control from the side of the narration?)
4.The external reality becomes important to her only when it triggers (?) her flow of thoughts. The interior monologue is a literary device used to express the flow of thoughts occurring within the human mind. It is therefore the verbal expression of a psychic phenomenon. It lacks both logical and chronological order and time is not perceived as subjective. (?)
5.None (or no one) is what he appears. All of us are characterized by many personalities and our evil side only accounts for a small proportion.
6.The characters reject their wicked part (they don’t recognize their wicked part?) as a natural part of themselves (or of their true selves). They are therefore guilty of hypocrisy. Mr Hyde represents the wicked part which is present in all people (or which characterizes the personality of all of us).
7.When the tyre burst, he was walking on Bond Street and was shocked by the noise.
8.Her thoughts flow (shift?)to the books. She thinks she has to bring new chairs to the lighthouse OR She is thinking of bringing new chairs…?
9.Your paragraph is incomplete since you failed to outline their personalities as well as their reactions to the bursting of the car’s tyre.
10.She is limited by both her husband and her father’s conservative thoughts.
11.Her first reaction to the bursting is of curiosity (and not “is curiosity”). He feels as if everybody was looking at him (and not looked at him)
12.Although they may look similar, interior monologue and stream of consciousness are not the same thing. 13) This duality is described by the back door of Jekyll’s house which represents his good part and its back door which is the evil one.

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    2. both have
    3. yes, either
    6. "they reject" is far stronger. Usually what you try first is better.
    8. shift to or toward
    10. is it husband or husband's (conservative thoughts along with her father's)
    11. either / looked at (might be only a glance) but was looking at (more descriptive as they were probably staring?)


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