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1. My father reads the newspaper every day.

(What does it mean?
2. My father reads the same newspaper everyday.

3. My father reads a newspaper every day. Does #1 mean #2 or #3? Is 'the newspaper' the generic term? )

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    "The newspaper" is a generic term. It assumes that it's the same newspaper -- i.e., the local city newspaper.

    We don't usually use # 3.

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    Thank you?
    Do you mean that he doesn't read only one (the same) newspaper again and again?

    Do you mean that he reads everyday newspaper (different newspaper every day)?

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    It's not the "same" newspaper over and over. He reads each day's edition of the local city newspaper.

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    OK. Thank you.
    If the father reads the same newspaper again an again, what expressions do we have to use? If he has such a strange habit, what do we say?

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    We might say that a person who reads the same newspaper again and again is demented or has Alzheimer's disease.

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    You'd clarify it more. You would say something like:

    My father reads the same newspaper every day. By that, I mean the EXACT same paper.

    You would say that with a stronger emphasis on "exact."

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