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I really hope someone can tell me if my corrections are correct. As you can see, I took your advice and I corrected them myself!

1) The pilgrims arrived from different parts of society. Correction: The pigrims belong to different social classes.
2) The tales were never completed/finished. Correct
3) As a way for passing the time (correction: as a way of passing the time)
3) She made attention not to make mistakes. Correction: she was careful/she paid attention/no to make mistakes.
4)The tales are composed by rhyming couplets. Correction: they are composed of/they consist of ....
5)She spoke a good French. Correction: she could speak good French.
6)Thomas Becket is one of the most venerated saints of England. Correction: in England.
7) There will be a prize for who tells the best story. Correction: a prize for the one who tells the best story.
8) Finally, Chaucer tells about Zephyrus. Finally, Chaucer describes Zephyrus.
9) The prologue is in April. Correction: the prologue is set in April.
10) The pilgrims start their journey at Tabard Inn and are direct to Canterbury. Correction: they start thier journey at the Tabard Inn and are directed to/towards Canterbury.
11) The aristocracy is not present in Chaucer's portrait of English society.
12) She cared for appearance or appearances?
13) He wants to communicate the reader the things he doesn't agree with the character. Correction: the things he doesn't approve of the character.
14) In his description of English society he didn't talk about the peasants. Correction: he didn't mention the peasants.

  1. SraJMcGin

    3. either is fine
    6. either
    12. your preference
    13. He wants to communicate TO the reader the things he doesn't agree with ABOUT the character.


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