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What is the pH for the solution made from 11.10 mL of 0.278 M HCl solution mixed with 70.90 mL of 0.1300 M ammonia solution ? Note that the pKa for NH4+ is 9.241


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    hey i found the working to this somewhere else and it was

    its a buffer so
    pH=pKa + log[base]/[acid]

    =9.241 + log [70.9x.1300]/[11.1x0.278]

    = 9.72

    which makes sense but...
    i also had that question on my assignment and got it wrong

    the actual answer is 9.54
    i cannot find a reason for this but as we were told not to use that eqn in chem then there must be another way to do it

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    calculate the percent composition for NaOH and the tell how many grams of each elements are in a 14 gram sample.

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