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in super bowl XXXV, the total number of points scored was 41. the winning team outscored the losing team by 27 points. what was the final score of the game?

a. 33 to 8
b. 34 to 7
c. 22 to 2
d. 18 to 6
i don't get this question

a high school basketball court is 34 ft longer than it is wide. if the perimeter of the court is 268, what are the dimensions of the court?

a. 234ft by 34ft
b. 67ft to 67ft
c. 70ft to 36ft
d. 84ft to 50ft
is the answer A

  • math -

    1. Which pair of numbers adds up to 41?

    2. P = 2L + 2W

    A. can't be right because the total perimeter is 268.
    B. can't be right because the length and width are the same.
    The perimeter for C. is 212.
    Check and see if D. fits the problem.

  • math -

    1. X is the score of the losing team...
    x+ 27= winning team

    winning score+losing score=total points scored

    x+(x+27)=41 combine x's...
    2x+27=41 subtract 27 from both sides...
    2x=14 get rid of the coefficient (divide by 2)

    The losing team scored 7 points (x=7).
    As said previously the winning score is the losing score plus 27. (x+27)
    Losing team= 7
    Winning Team= 34

  • math -

    oops... spelt equation wrong

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