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Can you please check if the following sentences are possible? Thanks in advance.
1)Sterne breaks the rule of the conventional biography since Tristram’s birth occurs only in the third episode.
2)Furthermore, he doesn’t follow a story-line since the novel consists mainly of episodes, anectodes, flashbacks which represent Tristram’s mental life. The events do not occur in chronological order.
3)Actually, he believes that the past can have an influence on the present and that the presence can be understood only with reference to the past.
4)For this reason (?) he can be considered a forerunner of the stream of consciousness technique. He realizes that the time of experience is not the same as clock-time.
5)He believes that characterization should focus on the description of a single trait of the characte’s personality, which he calls a hobby-horse.
6) The two principal characters are Walter Shandy and Uncle Toby.Walter’s hobby-horse is names whereas Walter’s one is war.
7)Sterne was influenced by John Locke for his theory on the free association of ideas, that is the irrational linking together of disparate thoughts without any apparent logical connections.
8)Tristram, whose name comes from the Latin adjective “tristis” which means sad, is both first-person narrator and an inconsistent character. He is asked to cope with rendering the complexity of human existence.
9) He is obtrusive since he intervenes in the story by making personal remarks. He not only addresses the reader directly but he also leaves out words so that the reader is forced to participate in the writing process. 10) Tristram never plays the part of the hero since he leads an uninteresting life.
He's got a lame knee and he lacks dignity

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    2. and flashbacks
    5. characte’s = character's (typo)
    6. This does not make sense to me: "Walter’s hobby-horse is names whereas Walter’s one is war."


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