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Can you please consider these sentences from a grammatical and lexical point of view? Thank you in advance.

1) Since the last years of the 19th century Europe started to live a very deep crisis. (Since the last years.... had been experienced?)
2) Freud introduces the idea of the subconscius which has great influence on the human psyche.
3) A strong fight was made against the use of atomic bombs. (A strong campaign was promoted..)
4) William James distinguished between historical tme and psychological time.
5) It emerged (came out, derived are correct?) a new view of man and nature.
6)The 1940s were characterized by war and distruction.
7) Owing to the loss of cultural values a feeling of frustration grew (?)

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    1.Since the last years of the 19th century Europe has experienced a very deep crisis.

    2 Put the verbs into the past tense.

    3. Either one of those would work.

    4. A new view of man and nature emerged.

    Both 6 and 7 are fine.

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