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For high quality representation of an analog waveform that varies between 10Hz and 100Hz, a digital data acquisition system will have to record data at what minimum frequency?

a. 1000 sps
b. 5000 sps
c. 200 sps
d. 100Hz
e. 50Hz

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    What does this question have to do with biology?

    Digital sampling must be done at twice the maximum frequency. I think it's called the Nyquist sampling theorem.

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    it's for a biology lab physiology.

    I really don't even understand the question.

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    The answer is 200 sps in this case. It is a fundamental theorem of digital sampling. It's the basis of how digital sound files and TV have replaced analog transmission of video. Almost all information these days is recorded and transmitted digitally, for more conventient transmission, storage and data processing.

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    Well at first I think its 200sps because it says HIGH quality representation. But at the same time, minimum is a tricky word in there too.. was 200sps the correct answer in the end?

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