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My class and I have to write a a-z story. It can be about anything. A-Z means that each sentence has to start with each diff letter from the alphabet. So the first sentence would start with A; second sentence would start with B, etc.

I want to do a story on the "The Ugly Duckling, because I have read that story many, many times and I really like it. I can't seem to think of the first sentence. Can you please give a few suggestions for the starting sentence. It has to start with the letter A. Thank you very much for all of your help:-)

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    An ugly duckling . . .


    A pitiful bird . . .


    A duckling . . .

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    I can't seem to think of a good sentence to start the story.

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions, but I am unable to think of the rest. I thought of,: A duck family......, but I want the starting to be really good, and am just unable to make it stand out.

    How about...A Mother Duck had given birth to six little ducklings one fine morning.

    I don't know if that's good, is there any way I culd shorten it out?

    I'll appreciate all the help you could give me, thanks

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    Your sentence is an an excellent start for this story.

    It could be shortened to:

    A duck gave birth to six ducklings.

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    Thank you Ms. Sue:-) I will post the whole story on this after I'm done completing it, thanks a lot:-)

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    You're welcome.

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