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How do i conjugate

Ar, Ir, and Er verbs

  • Spanish -

    Assuming you mean the Present Indicative Tense (the first tense you will learn) if they are REGULAR verbs, they will follow this pattern:

    ar = yo hablo, tú hablas, él/ella/usted habla, nosostros/nosotras hablamos, vosotres/vosotras hablais, ellos/ellas/ustedes hablan.

    Or, in other words, drop the "ar" ending and add: o, as, a, amos, ais, an

    er = yo como, tú comes, él/ella/usted come, nosotros/nosotras comemos, vosotros/vosotras comeis, ellos/ellas/ustedes comen

    OR, in other words, drop the infinitive ending "er" and add: o, es, e, emos, eis, en

    -ir = yo vivo, tú vives, él/ella/usted vive, nosotros/nosotras vivimos, vosotros/vosotras vivís, ellos/ellas/ustedes viven

    OR, in other words, drop the "ir" and add: o, es, e, imos, ís, en

    Notice that the nosotros/nosotras form CLEARLY tells you if it is an -ar, -er, or -ir verb.


    Usually 3 possible translations in English for each form: yo hablo = I speak I DO speak, I AM speakING

  • Spanish -

    ar er ir
    o o o
    as es es
    a e e
    amos emos imos
    ain ein is
    an en in

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