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Thank you very much for your last corrections. Can you please examine these sentences too? Thank you very much in advance. (In particular the words in parentheses)
1)"Gulliver's travels" deals with (tells?) the adventures of Samuel Gulliver.
2)He finds himself (he is shipwrecked, he is cast) on an island whose inhabitants are giants.
3) They make an inventory of Gulliver's clothes.
4) A chain with a kind of engine at the bottom (at the end?) hung out of (from?) his fob.
5) Other features of the epistolary novel are as follows.
6) Your answer is incomplete as you failed to mention some of the things they find in his pockets.
7) He uses the epistolary form, that is the form of letters exchanged between Pamela and MR. B. Does this sentence make sense?
8)One of the main features of the epistolary novel is its immediacy.
9) Can you say "he is going to be trampled to death" meaning "he is nearly trampled to death?
10) On his first voyage he is shipwrecked on a desert island. (Can you also use the past to summarise a plot: "He was shipwrecked on a desert island?)
11) He arrived on te island of Laputa.

  1. SraJMcGin

    2. giants? Weren't they tiny?

    5. as follows: (then list them)

    7. yes

    9. going to be = he isn't yet but he is nearly trampled = now or in the past

    10. yes, although the "historical present" is usually used when discussing a piece of literature

    11 = typo, te = the


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