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A charge of 28.0 is placed in a uniform electric field that is directed vertically upward and that has a magnitude of 4.00×104 . What work is done by the electric force when the charge moves

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    You need to provide units for the charge and the E-field. I assume they are Coulombs and Volts/meter, but unless you say what they are, you have not asked a proper physics question.

    The work done on the charge will depend upon how far it moves.

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    I am so sorry my computer didn't transfer it
    .550m to the right

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    The force on the particle is
    E*q = 4*10^4 N/C * 28*10^-9 C.

    Multiply that by 0.550 m for the work done, in Joules.

    (Volts/meter and Newtons/Coulomb are equivalent units)

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    thnak you! Can you please help me with this one as well? Its the same problem:
    2.40 at an angle of 45.0 downward from the horizontal?

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    sorry again my computer..2.4m

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    The work done will equal the force times the distance moved vertically (in the direction of the E field). You answer will contain a sin 45 = 0.707 factor.

    The force will be up and you are moving the charge down, so potential energy will increase as work is done on the charge.

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