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city project

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my is elderly people things
to start a presentation goes like this .............
'cities needs to provide services to all residents but espially to eldery people' because there population increases in future! city need 55 plus buildings to live and pavllion. they should make recreation center for activities,parties and needs to provide health care medical care for them
miss sue had give me 'answer'and i just added
but i am not sure i it is right way to say and check my grammar please

  • city project -

    Cities (plural) need....especially (spelling) to elderly (spelling), as their population increases in the future.

    A city (singular) needs....I do NOT understand "to live and pavillion"

    The first word in a new sentence needs to be capitalized, as "They make recreation centers OR a recreation center.....etc. (correct spelling)

    These are "some" of the grammatical errors above.


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