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Thank you very much for your help. Can you please check these sentences, too?

1) He recommended I should phone him that evening.
2) He promised to drive me to school.
3) He accepted to drive me to the airport.
4)She denied that her sister had stolen the jacket.
5) Who drives her always to school?
6) You made a list of clothes without mentioning those who are popular at the moment.
7)I'm wearing a pair of white trainers by Adidas (or with the logo Adidas on them?)
8) He is remembered for being a person in his small sought (?) to be different. Can you help me understand this sentence?

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    #3 is very awkward.

    #5 is awkward; move "always" so it's right after "Who" (right in front of the verb).

    #6 "who" is incorrectly used -- "who" refers to a person or to people.

    #8 I don't understand it either. Sorry. =(

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