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Calculate the molar masses of copper (II) nitrate trihydrate and of the precipitate formed by this reaction.

Are these steps right?

Molar mass of Copper: (Cu 2+) 63.55
Molar mass of Nitrate: (NO3 -) 62.01
Copper(II) Nitrate Formula = Cu(No3)2
Molar Mass of Copper(II) Nitrate =(62.01 x 2 = 124.02) (124.02 + 63.55 = 187.57) 187.57

trihydrate: 3H2O - Molar Mass of H2O: 18.02 x 3 = 54.06

**Total Molar mass of Copper(II) Nitrate trihydrate = 241.63g

**Mass of precipitate (Cu(OH)2): 97.57g

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    All ok.

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