3rd grade

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Ineed help with the synonyms and antonyms

ex. perfect, frawless is this an antonym or synonym?

  • 3rd grade -

    Do you mean flawless? If so, flawless means there is nothing wrong with it. A synonym is when the meanings are similar, or close, and an antonym is an opposite. Which are these?

  • 3rd grade -

    They are synonyms

  • 3rd grade -

    princess liana live with her farther the king and her mother the queen in a huge castel late one aftnoon she deided to go for a wark in the near by frost because she was bord and had no one to play with

    princess liana has long blak hair and eye that were as bloo as the sky she was a king person who had a lovley smile but she was very lonley because she diden't have any brother or sister

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