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i'm having a hard time for my chemistry project an my topic on titration and my topic is to determine the mass percentage of iron in steel wool and i can not get as much information on the steps to follows how to create the titration and equipment needed etc.
please can you help me out??

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    I could help a lot more if you put your question in order. It runs on and on, has no punctuation marks, I can't tell where a sentence starts or ends. But I get the general idea. You want to determine iron in a sample. Look in your text or on the web. The Zimmerman-Reinhart procedure works well. Steel wool will go into solution much easier than iron ore; therefore, you won't have trouble dissolving the sample. Here is one site but there are others.

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    hey thanks for the help. well exactly the
    main point of my question was that I'm doing a experiment in titration and my topic is to determine the percentage of iron in steel wool but i couldn't get procedures on how to carry out the experiment.
    But if you have other ways to help me please on the experiment.. I will glad to take it..
    Thank-you very much

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