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I am having trouble with equation writing and complex ions. Please help.
Ag+ + NH3(excess)---> ?
Fe^3+ + SCN- ---> ?
Cr^3+ + OH-(excess) ---> ?
Cr(OH)3(s) + H+ ----> ?
Cr(OH)4- + H202 + OH- ---> ?
Zn2+ + K+ + Fe(CN)6^4- --> ?

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    I'm not helping if I write these for you. What is it you don't understand?
    A general rule, not always followed, is that the complexing agent is twice the valence. That is
    Ag^+ + 2NH3 ==> Ag(NH3)2^+
    Many of the OH complexes add one OH; as in
    Cr(OH)3 + OH^- ==> Cr(OH)4^- and
    Al(OH)3 + OH^- ==> Al(OH)4^-

    The easiest thing to do is to memorize them. I think most of us have done that during usage through the years.

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