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Need help with #2 & # 3

1. Record the pairs of data for pressure (atm) and volume (mL).

Pressure(atm) Volume(mL)
1.000 150 mL
1.154 130 mL
1.364 110 mL
1.667 90 mL

2. Does your experimental data verify Boyle's Law? Explain.

3. What pressure would the gas sample have at a volume of 75 mL? At 300 mL?

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    The gas was propane

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    #2. Looks like verification to me.
    PV = k. Multiply P x V and see what you get for the first one, then compare with the other PV = ??

    #3. Just use PV = k from the previous data, that same k and 75 mL should give the new pressure.

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