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what is a idiom?

the queston is this "which sentence uses an idiom?"

A)gustavo said we should go to the party.

B)gustavo said we should go for it.

C)gustavo said we might go with him.

  • lag -

    I think you mean, "What is an idiom?"

    Which one, do you think?

  • lag -

    no i mean
    (A) idiom

    and c

  • lag -

    Nope. It's B.

    In A and C, all the words have explainable meanings in the ways they are used in the sentences, but not so with B. The idiom there is "go for it" because it's not clear that anyone is GOING anywhere and it's not clear what "it" is, yet we understand the idea that sentence is trying to get across.

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