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Can you please check if all the alternatives are possible? Thanks you very much in advance.

1) England defeated the Spanish Armada also thanks to bad weather.
2) Th spirits said that no-one/nobody/no man born of woman (or a woman) could defeat/hurt/harm him/do him any harm (are they all possible?)
3)They also told him that he could not be defeated provided that/as long as/on condition that ( are they all possible?) Birnam Wood did not move to Dunsinane Castle to fight against him.
4) He ordered his men to cut some branches from (and not "of") the trees of Birnam Wood and use them to cover their advance.
5)The universal order was seen "like" (or: in the forms, under the forms of?) a chain of being and a cosmic dance.
6) In her court were present many intellectual figures like....
OR Many intellectuals were present in her court Or Her court was composed of many intellectuals...
7)Which narrative form did Samuel Richardson use for his novel Pamela? Explain briefly the features of this type of literature (?).
8) Briefly outline the features of Richardson's novels focusing your attentions on the peculiarities of his heroines (OR is it better: What do all his heroines have in common?)
9) What sort of clothes do you like wearing? I like wearing fashionable clothes but as I do a lot of sport, I usually wear comfortable sports clothes (or sportswear??)
10) How are Chaucer's tales structured?
How are the different pilgrims presented and what are the main themes covered in the tales (? dealt with by them in their tales)
11) Describe their journey and explain the significance of its (?) route.
Refer then to the elements of nature (as ?) described by Chaucer in the opening of (or to?) the Canterbury Tales.
12) Present the character of the Prioress pointing out her appearance, education and behaviour. How would you describe Chaucer's tone in presenting the Prioress?

  • English -

    1. Armada, also
    2., 3. = fine
    4. from or o ff
    5. like, in the form(s) of
    6 - 8 OK
    9. lot of sports
    10-12 OK


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