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five mole of an ideal gas are kept at a constant temperature of 53 degree celcius while the pressure of the gas is increased from 1 atm to 3 atm calculate the work done by the gas

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    At constant T, Volume V is inversely proportional to P. Therefore
    PV = P1*V1
    Compute V1 first of all
    V1 = nRT/P1 = 134 liters = 0.134 m^3
    P1 = 1 atm = 1.013*10^5 N/m^2

    Work done on gas =
    -Integral of P dV = -P1*V1 Integral of dV/V
    = P1*V1 ln (V1/V2) = P1*V1*ln(P2/P1)
    = P1*V1 ln3 = 1.49*10^4 Joules

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