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Sorry, I didn't finish the question:

Which of the following will increase the molar sollubility of Ag2CO3? (The Ksp for Ag2CO3 is 8.1 x 10^12.)

a. Add HCl
b. Add AgNO3
c. Add NaCN
d. a and c
e. a, b, and c

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    Ag2CO3 --> 2Ag^+ + CO3^-2

    What will HCl do. It reacts with CO3^- (remember the reaction with acid to produce CO2 and H2O), so reaction shifts to the right and solubility is increased.

    b. Add AgNO3. That is a common ion, Ag^+ is increased so reaction shifts to the left. Solubility decreased.

    c. Add NaCN. CN^- reacts with Ag^+ to produce Ag(CN)2^-. That removes Ag^+ from soln, reaction shifts to right. Solubility increases.

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