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Physical Science

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How do I write and balance this chemical equation as a double replacement reaction:

K2SO4(aq) + PB(NO3)2 (aq)

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    Think about what double replacement means. Change partners.
    K of one goes with NO3 of the other.
    SO4 of one goes with Pb of the other. (By the way, Pb and PB aren't the same thing)

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    You have to recognize that SO4-- has a charge of -2 and NO3- has a charge of -1. That will tell you that the products must be KNO3 and PbSO4.
    The balanced reaction is

    K2SO4(aq) + Pb(NO3)2 (aq)
    -> PbSO4 + 2 KNO3

    If I remember my chemistry correctly, the lead sulfate (PbSO4) is insoluble in water and will precipitate out. An arrow pointing down is often written after precipitates.

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