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Three small spheres are placed at fixed points along the x-axis, whose positive direction points towards the right.

Sphere A is at x = 23.0 cm, with a charge of -10.00 ìC.
Sphere B is at x = 55.0 cm, with a charge of 2.00 ìC.
Sphere C is at x = 57.0 cm, with a charge of -9.00 ìC.

(A)If Sphere B is removed. Give the x-coordinate of the point on the x-axis where the field due to spheres A and C is zero? (answer 40.4 cm)


    sorry it was suppose to read with a charge of -10 microCoulombs for sphere A, 2 microCoulombs for sphere B and -9 microCoulombs for sphere C.

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