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What is the bond order of the diatomic molecule BN and is it paramagnetic or diamagnetic?

  • Chemistry - Bond Order -

    I spent some time looking on the web for the Lewis structure for BN but had no luck. I would do it this way.
    B has 3e and N has 5 and 8 total. The structure I have drawn has zero formal charge on both B and N. The structure I have drawn has no unpaired eletrons; therefore, it is not paramagnetic.

  • Chemistry - Bond Order -

    Its no unpaired electrons because theres 2 unpaired electrons on N? If there was 1 it would be paramagnetic then?
    And to find Bond Order
    Bond order = 1/2 (Nb - Na)
    1/2 (6 - 2) = 2 so its stable? Or am I wrong?
    Says Nb = bonding orbitals and Na = antibonding orbitals

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