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pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasw help

can you pleaaaaase help me find the area between y=cos(4x) and y=1-cos(4x) 0<=x<=pi/4
i tried to solve it, and i got like : 2*sqrt3+ pi/12
is it right? if not please tell me how can i solve it...i'm really confused

i found Pi/12
then , i took the integral from 0 to pi/12, and from pi/12 to pi/4
and i got:
integr from 0 to pi/12 cos(4x)-(1-cos(4x) + integ from pi/12 to pi/4 1-cos(4x)-cos(4x)
but i'm not sure if it was right or not...can u check with me please?

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