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I forgot to include the following three sentences. Thank you vry much for your help!

10) In this letter emerges the conflict between low class and aristocracy, embodied by the son of Pamela’s mistress.
11) Pamela’s father suggests she should be careful of her master’s kindness .
12) He is afraid of this world of temptations against such a girl.
13) The events are narrated through Pamela’s and her father’s point of view.
14)The epistolary form makes the narrative more realistic, it makes the reader share the emotions and experiences of the character and describes Pamela and her father’s inner thoughts and feelings.
15) Pamela’s father is loving and tender to his daughter; he develops the theme of caution as a necessary test for Pamela’s honesty.

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    10. the low class and the aristocracy
    =11, 12, 13, 14, OK
    15. daughter; he develops

    (run-on sentence)


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