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Physics ptoblem

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At body temperature the latent heat of vaporization of water is Lv = 2.26 ¡Ñ 103 kJ kg−1.
(a) A naked person with a surface area A = 1.55 m2 and a skin temperature £c = 37.3 ¢XC is in a sauna room at T = 82.0 ¢XC. The person's skin has an emissivity e = 0.910. She evaporates sweat from her body to balance the rate of heat absorption by radiation.
(i) Neglecting any heat production due to metabolism, what is the net rate of heat absorption by the person due to radiation? in W
(ii) How much sweat must be evaporated per hour to balance a net rate of heat absorption of H = 0.850 ¡Ñ 103 W? in kg/hr

  • Physics ptoblem -

    Although someone else may help you, I cannot answer because I cannot decipher the symbols
    £c, ¢XC, ¡Ñ that you are using.

    Different computers print them differently. For Jiskha purposes, it is better to write "deg" for degrees and * for "times", and ^ in front of exponents. I have no clue what
    £c is supposed to represent. On my computer, it looks like a British pound symbol follewed by a c.

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