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A sample of monatomic gas (£^ = 5/3) is expanded adiabatically from an initial temperature, volume, and pressure of 230. ¢XC, 6.00 litres, and 5.00 kPa, respectively, to a final volume of 7.00 litres.

(a) What is the final pressure of the gas?
(b) How much work is done by the gas during the adiabatic expansion?

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    dude i have no idea!

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    (a) During the expansion, the product
    P*V^(5/3) remains constant. You know the ratio V2/V1. Use the adiabatic relationship to calculate P2/P1.

    P2/P1 = (V1/V2)^(5/3)
    = (6/7)^(5/3) = 0.773

    (2) The work done is the integral of P dV from V1 to V2. Express P as a function of V and integrate

    P(V) dV = [P1*V1^(5/3)]*/V^5/3)]dV

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