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can you walk me through these
4+x/5 < 8
x-2/3> 2x + 11
Subtract 4 from both sides.
x/5 < 4
Multiply both sides by 5.
x < 20

Now you try the second inequality.
I tried the second one and did not get
-7 which is the answer in the book
and 36 is the answer to the first one. Am I missing some steps. Help

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    Not sure if PsyDAG is still on here, but I can see your problem
    You meant to type
    (4+x)/5 < 8 to get the answer in your book
    4+x < 40 after multiplying by 5
    x < 40-4
    x < 36

    for the second you meant to type
    (x-2)/3 > 2x + 11
    x-2 > 6x + 33 after multiplying by 3
    x - 6x > 35
    -5x > 35
    now divide by -5, which results in the switch of inequality
    x < -7

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