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(a)Comparison of GPA for randomly chosen college juniors and seniors:
xbar= 3.05, s1 = .20, n1 = 15, xbar2= 3.25, s2 = .30, n2 = 15, รก = .025, left-tailed test.

d.f. ____________
Standard error ____________
t-calculated ____________
p-value ____________
t-critical ____________

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    This looks like an independent groups t-test.

    Here are a few hints:
    1. d.f. for an independent groups t-test is this: n1 + n2 - 2
    2. Use the denominator of the appropriate t-test as the standard error of the difference between the two means.
    3. Use the appropriate t-test to calculate the t-test statistic.
    4. P-value is the actual level of the t-test statistic (found using a t-table).
    5. T-critical can be found using a t-table with the appropriate degrees of freedom for a one-tailed test.

    I hope this will get you started.

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