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what is the solution of the following linear system?

5x - 2y = 15
5/3x - y = 5

b) none
d) inifinite number if solutions

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    If you want to learn the subject, you should learn how to solve the equations. You or others with different screen names have been submitting these simple multiple choice problems all day. In one case a wrong quess was made.

    At the very least, try the different x,y combinations and see which one works. One of them does.

    Learn the technique of substitution and you can solve these problems yourself. You could, for example, substitute (5/3)x - 5 for y in the first equation.

    That would give you
    5x - (10/3)x +10 = 15
    (5/3)x = 5
    x = (3/5)* 5 = 3

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