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You didn't answer my questions regarding clothes. Would you possibly tell me which sentences are correct and answer my questions (?)? Thank you very, very much in advance for your help!

1) She is wearing a long-sleeved cotton polo shirt with a slogan in the front and one in the back.
2) How do you call a T-shirt with a collar that is half buttoned-up?
3)Does "boot-cut" mean the same as "flared"?
4)She's got a pony tail and a patterned hair-band over her head. She is also wearing two necklaces and different bracelets on her wrists.
5) She is also wearing a zip-up leather jacket over a red hooded mesh(or fishnet sweatshirt?). Which one is correct?
7) She's got some eye make-up.
8)She has her hair tied back with a hair clip (or barrette?). She is typing data into her computer.She is wearing red nailvarnish on her nails.
9)She wears her dyed red hair tied back in (?) a pony tail.She is pointing at a Ferris wheel.
10)She always wears a white sleeveless T-shirt (or a vest?) over a black T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms (?) underneath.
11) He is carrying a backback on (?) his back.
12) They are practising ballet dancing.
They are wearing a black body and (or over?) a pair of sheer tights.
13) How do you call a sweatsuit/tracksuit consisting of a vest and a pair of short you use for football?
Football top, shorts, socks, shin pads and spiked shoes.

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