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Manjula is hospitalized for cardiac problems. Somehow, medical orders are mixed up and he is given a K+-enhanced IV solution meant for another patient. Manjula¡¯s potassium levels are normal before the IV is administered. What do you think will happen to Manjula¡¯s resting membrane potentials? To his neurons¡¯ ability to generate action potentials? Include a brief description of nerve conduction in your answer.

When jack returned from jogging, he was breathing heavily, sweating profusely, and complained that his legs ached and felt weak. His wife poured he a sports drink and urged him to relax until she could ¡°catch her breath.¡± On the basis of class discussions about muscle energy metabolism, respond to the following questions.
a. Why is Jack breathing heavily?
b. What ATP harvesting pathway have Jack¡¯s muscles been using that leads to such a breathing pattern?
c. What metabolic product(s) might be the cause of Jack¡¯s sore muscles and feelings of muscle weakness?

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