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Two airplanes leave a airport at the same time , one going northwest ( bearing 315degrees) at 422 mph and the other going east at 341 mph. How far are the planes after 4 hours ?

Please help have no idea of how to solve?

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    Any change you could clear the question? Is the question how far are the planes from each other?

    If my assumption is correct the way to solve it would be via geometry.

    East is 90 degrees.

    The plane going 90 has cathetus with the lenght of 4*341.

    The other one has 4*422.

    The angle between these 2 cathetuses is 90+45=135 degrees.

    Solve hypotenus.

    (Cosine theorem, A^2+B^2-2ABcosx=C^2)

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    Still the same guy here: ansver is 13055857/5186 miles.

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