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Can you please tell me if these sentences are possible? Thank you very much in advance.

1) Are the following adjectives related to weather possible:
What's the weather like?
It's wet/damp. It's foggy/hazy/misty (are they synonyms?)
It's boiling/sweltering/muggy/close
It's frosty/freezing/icy
2)She misses both her friends and family.
3) She is not going to be home until October. First, she is going to finish her exams and then she is going to have a holiday and visit her cousin in Spain.
4) Then she is going to spend a couple of days in Italy. After that, she is going to come back to London and (?) get some work experience.
5) She is going to work with Blast, a dance company, but she is not going to get any money for it. She is going to ask them if she can choreograph some of their routines.
6) I'm going to learn to drive when I get of age (18 years old?), do military service, give up studying and look for a job, settle down (?) and get married, get a job in an office/a factory
7) Is it possible to do voluntary work instead of military service in America?
8) What size of shoes do you take/wear?
These shoes don't fit me. They are too tight (?).Do you have a bigger size (or larger size?)
9) Pamela resists all her master's advances protecting her virtue. In her turn, she gains a proposal of marriage thus which will enable her to improve her social status.

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    1. those adjectives are all good and not precisely synonyms.

    2/. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. AOK
    8. What size shoe do you wear? - or a wider size. (if they are too tight)
    9. drop "thus"


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